Affordable web design in Los Angeles

Affordable web design in Los Angeles

You have probably seen headlines like the one we used for this article and asked yourself: is affordable web design in Los Angeles (or elsewhere) really possible, or is it just an advertising gimmick?

It’s a reasonable question to ask. After all, web design is a complicated process. It requires graphic arts skills, computer skills, and marketing skills. It takes years for a competent designer to learn everything required to develop a first-rate website.

So, then is it possible? Our conclusion, after working in Los Angeles for the last 10 years as web designers and developers, is yes.

Of course, the question is, what is affordable? Let’s see what industry experts believe on this topic:

KissMetrics, a popular blog covering the general topic of web marketing, had this to say in an article discussing design secrets:

People say you get what you pay for, and sometimes, that’s true. But it’s not true that you need to spend your life savings on a good website.

There are too many designers out there preying on your ignorance, charging exorbitant rates for their own profit. They blind you with tech speak and fancy coding terms.

Don’t put up with it.

Decide your budget and find graphic designers who can work within it. Look for designers that fit the style of site you’d like for your business. Visit other sites you like and see who designed them. Ask for quotes, take your time and shop around.

It’ll save you thousands of dollars.

That sums it up nicely – and remember, KissMetrics is not a web design company.

So how exactly does Webfour deliver affordable web design?

It’s easy to say we can do something that few others in our industry do, but the question is exactly how?

We could simply say that we have a brilliant and talented staff (which we do), with uniquely developed talents that allow us to do something no one else can.

So, rather than go down the road of meaningless generalities, let’s get down to some specific reasons why Webfour can truly offer high quality and affordable web design to clients in Los Angeles area and beyond.

We know Premium WordPress themes

What’s a premium WordPress theme? In web design talk, a theme is a starting point, or a canvas created by WordPress developers to make life a little easier for web designers.

They can be a big help as there really is no reason for designers and developers to reinvent the basics every time they begin a new project.

Here are some examples of WordPress themes. BusinessE-commerce. Wedding.

Since beginning a project with a basic theme can save structural and design time, doing so is often in the best interest of the customer.

But, there is a step further.

In the last few years Premium WordPress themes have grown from basic structures with a few enhancements  into  multi featured  developments.

No longer are they just simple frameworks, and thanks to the growth of theme marketplace websites, many have become hot sellers.

Quite literally, some of the world’s best designers develop themes for many industries and business types.

By using a premium theme as a starting point rather than a simple structure, a great deal of the time spent creating on new design and graphic preparation is saved.

Yes, there is still considerable customization and design work to be done, but a huge amount of time has been saved.

Offering this service to clients – and the opportunity to get an incredible website at a truly affordable price – is a key part of our customer approach at Webfour.

We know people

Yes, being a good web designer means knowing people (i.e. customers). Don’t worry – we don’t want to hear your life story (unless you really want to share), and we won’t follow you on Twitter, but we do want to know the answer to one question: what exactly do you want – and if its outside of your budget, will you make compromises?

It’s not that we are trying to increase the price, but it’s important that we understand what your priorities really are. Will you stretch the budget if there is something really important to be added?

Some may advise against this approach.

They will say that when the customer is ready to sign on the dotted line, it’s no time to ask penetrating questions. That may work for some, but not us.

We tell it straight and set expectations to where they should be.
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We created our standard business website to address the needs of small businesses and organizations in need of a high performing WordPress website for an affordable price.

There are no concessions made in the development of these sites. The websites typically include:

  • Custom home page design specific to your business, industry, and target audience.
  • Image sourcing for use in a gallery or slider
  • Contact page with location information and customized form
  • About us page that gives information on your staff and primary products/services.
  • Interior page templates that give your site a unique identify and appearance.
  • Sales page template that includes images and logos.
  • Pricing template with a ‘benefit/features grid.
  • Landing page template for new product/service introductions.
  • Security plugins
  • SEO plugin to help created search optimized content


Our process normally includes a real-time comp, or layout. We provide proofs for the home page, major sections, pages, and navigation. As the design process continues, the layout is continually updated for the client to view.


It’s important to point out that our affordable sites are designed on the WordPress platform.

WordPress is a robust, open source web language that has become the leading choice for web development. As of this writing, WordPress websites account for approximately 60% of all websites developed.

There are many reasons for this explosion of popularity. The open source approach means plugins and other enhancements are either free, or reasonably priced.

Another key reason is ease of use. With a small amount of training, new users with no experience can learn to makes edits and perform routine maintenance.

WordPress is where you want to be – and we make sure you are there.

Is there some proof here or just all talk?

We let you be the judge. Here are the basic services and features we provide for our standard affordable business WordPress websites starting at $895.

  • Mobile responsive Your website will be seen on mobile phones, pads and tablet.
  • Complete installation and server configuration. We will work directly with your hosting company and handle all technical issues.
  • Development site: we will create a ‘non-live’ development site for use during the development. The contents will then be transferred to your main domain.
  • Customized homepage and interior page design. We will create a compelling home page targeted to your industry and audience.
  • Site design matching your established branding. If you have developed branding, we will match the design of the site.
  • Five interior pages of your choice (contact us, about us, products/services, pricing page, etc.)
  • Choice of blog formats and unlimited blog pages.
  • Sidebar features that include recent and popular posts – and more.
  • SEO plugin and advise on best practices SEO set up
  • Installation of plugins for greater efficiency and functionality
  • Third party email integration (eg MailChimp)
  • Social media integration allowing for easy links to Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Twitter, and more.
  • One hour customWordPress training
  • Create contact us form with customized fields and Captcha
  • Installation of spam filter
  • And much more

Optional extras

There are many of course, but here a few of the most commonly requested:

Installation and training on Google Analytics and Webmaster tools.

These are two key Google tools to understand the source and behavior of traffic to your website. Webmaster tools goes a step further and provides suggestions and remedies for problem areas like page load times.

We install both tools and provide basic or advanced instruction.

Landing page options

Our sites come with a built-in landing page option, but many of our clients want an easy and quick way to add graphics and design features. This is available through third party services. We do the integration and provide training.

Additional training

If the basic WordPress instruction included in our standard package is not enough, we can provide as much additional as needed.

You can learn how to do virtually everything that will be required without learning code. We train in 30 minute sessions via Skype.

Whether you need a simple business website or a complex e-Commerce development, our talented and experienced staff of web designers will deliver an elegant designed state-of-the art website. Contact us to learn more.
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