Los Angeles Web Design Service

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WebFour is a Los Angeles web design team specializing in business and e-commerce WordPress development.

While our core service creates mobile responsive websites for small and medium sized companies and organizations, we offer a number of additional services that include:

  • Website speed optimization: Slow loading web pages are a problem for consumers and search engines. Our optimization service analyzes overall performance and targets problem areas. We then resolve the issues and restore your site to optimum conditions.
  • Design remodels and upgrades: Want a new look or added functionality for an older website? Our team can help with that –  and save the expense of developing a whole new site. We can add pages, forms, sliders, animation – and much more.
  • Fixes and tweaks: Whether you need small modifications or major changes, we can help.
  • Website analysis and recommendations: Wondering if your site is all it can be? Let our team of experts give you suggestions for marketing, design, and technical improvement.
  • Theme customization: If you’ve purchased a premium WordPress theme and discover you need assistance, we can help. We can customize the entire theme, or just certain pages or sections.  The service features quick turnaround and affordable rates.
  • WordPress security upgrade: In today’s world, securing your website from hackers is a requirement. We offer several effective and inexpensive methods for keeping your site.
  • WordPress training: Interested in learning how to make changes and additions to your WordPress site without learning code? Webfour can help. We provide basic instruction through advanced techniques.
  • Landing page service: Adding a landing page to a current website is a great way to increase sales conversions. We offer a complete service that includes design, copy writing, testing, and all technical matters. Contact us to learn real life client success stories.
  • Add a store to your current WordPress site:  Adding e-commerce capabilities to your current site is just a phone call away. Webfour can add a complete store or a simple way to sell one or two products.

If you are seeking a web design company that’s located in los Angeles, WebFour is a great choice. We offer a convenient and cost effective alternative to traditional design agencies. Our talented and seasoned team has delivered many highly regarded web projects. Our design motto is ‘Clean, Direct and Effective’.

If you are seeking a web design company los Angeles based, WebFour offers a convenient and cost effective alternative to traditional Los Angeles based web design agencies. We have a talented and seasoned team that has delivered many highly regarded web projects. Our design motto is ‘Clean, Direct and Effective’.

Beautiful, effective websites that bring results

We work with our clients as partners. Our success is determined by your success. We look at the big picture as well as the details. It’s a collaborative process that leads to a website that helps build your brand.

Responsive Design

Mobile devices now account for the majority of online searches. Having a website that can be correctly viewed on mobile phones, pads and tablets is essential. Responsive design is a key aspect of Webfour’s design service.

We ensure that our websites are responsive by beginning our development process with optimized WordPress code. Whether we plan to design a website from the ground up or begin with a template, we make sure the basic code is responsive.

But starting with responsive code is often not enough to ensure proper viewing on the myriad devices web searchers are using. Our process  recognizes that many designs require special formatting and coding.

During our design and development process we continually check our progress on mobile viewing testers. If we encounter a problem we resolve it on the spot, preventing a much larger potential problem from developing.

WordPress websites

The majority of websites we design at Webfour are built with WordPress – and there are many reasons why, including:

  • Open source strategy that encourages innovate development that is free to every user.
  • Mobile responsive base code. WordPress employs base code that is inherently responsive.
  • It’s easy for newcomers to learn basic functions.
  • Design structure that is conducive for search engine optimization.
  • The popularity of WordPress ensures its continued growth and development.

Webfour has a team of experienced WordPress developers skilled at creating solutions to the complex needs that are present in today’s marketplace.


Planning: a major component in our web design process.

Whether you need a rich and detailed website, or a just few pages, planning is the key to a successful project.

Creating a plan of action is a pillar of our web design process at WebFour.

A well -thought out plan helps avoid costly errors and insures that everyone connected with the project is on the same page.

Creating an effective design and development plan begins be asking the important questions.

While every situation is a little different, these are the questions we normally ask in the planning stage:

  • What are the design objectives and goals for your site?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What sections will the site contain, and what are the pages likely to be?
  • Have you thought through the navigation?
  • Do you have design concept in mind to illustrate your service or product?
  • Do you have images and logos?
  • What sort of impression would you like to make on your visitors?
  • Do you have a source, or designated person to provide content?
  • Is the site copy written?
  • How involved will you, or a staff member be in the day to day maintenance of the site?

Our Approach to Web design

We often tell our customers that the most beautiful website in the world has little value if it fails to quickly communicate its message.

To go a step further, the site has little value if the visitor is not instructed what to do. Confusion leads to a quick exit.

These two concepts – clarity and direction, form the core of our web design and web development strategy. The need for direct and clear communication influences every decision we make.

Once accomplished, we create designs that are pleasing, interesting, compelling, and functional.

We believe strongly that effective web design requires understanding the audience that will be receiving the message.

The intended audience influences our choice of images, colors, art elements and typography. Every element is chosen with the target audience in mind.


Design a website is a partnership. We bring the design and development tools. Our clients bring knowledge of their business and market.

Together, we create a communications vehicle. The process is dynamic and requires close communication. Often, it is filled with inspirations and insights.

During the development phase we are available to our clients all week – including weekends.  We are always just a phone call away.

Web design for all formats and industries

Webfour designs blog, magazine format, portfolio, and standard identity sites. We employ the latest technologies with an eye towards simple and direct communication.

E-commerce website design

E-commerce is a specialty at Webfour. We have built successful e-commerce websites for clients of all size and industry type.

Our developments include the full range of available selling and marketing option, including:

Payment processing:

We can integrate any of the many online payment options that can be made available to consumers. These include ATM and debit cards, PayPal, AmazonGoogle Checkout, and more.

Search and media integration

Wizard-driven searches give online shoppers product recommendations and the ability to form customized searches. Video, teleconferencing, blogs, ‘live person’ customer service, and more can enhance the shopping experience and boost conversion rates.

Woo Commerce Integrations

Most of our websites use Woo Commerce for the e-commerce backend and infrastructure. Woo Commerce is the industry leader and offers a myriad of marketing, administrative, and selling options.

Analytics and measurement

Information regarding the activities of site visitors is essential.  Google Analytics provides this information, and is included in our basic e-commerce web design process.

Marketing solutions

With the use of tracking software, consumers can be marketed to by email, and via remarketing campaigns. The Webfour development team can integrate MailchimpAdroll, and other 3rd party solution providers.

Getting started

Our e-commerce design process begins by understanding the products or services being sold, the target audience and offline selling strategies.

Based upon this information we make recommendations that address objectives and budget.

[/av_textblock] [/av_one_half] [av_one_half min_height=” vertical_alignment=” space=” custom_margin=” margin=’0px’ padding=’0px’ border=” border_color=” radius=’0px’ background_color=” src=” background_position=’top left’ background_repeat=’no-repeat’ animation=”] [av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=”] Nonprofit web design

Nonprofit web design has been an area of focus for Webfour since our beginning. Creating a lively and interesting format that can also be a fund raising platform is a unique challenge that we welcome. We have designed websites for large, national charitable organizations, and regional and local nonprofit groups.

Here are our main objectives when designing non profit websites:

  • Encourage donations by making onsite giving easy and transparent.
  • Increase donor retention with easy to manage 3rd party integrations .
  • Build credibility with conservative, but engaging design.
  • Emphasize social connections by displaying‘share and follow’ buttons.
  • Foster your goals by listening to your objectives and creating a platform that communicates that message.

Webfour can create any format website

Our web design team can create website using any specialized format, including:

  • BuddyPress
  • Magazine/blog
  • Membership sites
  • Directory websites
  • Listing websites
  • Classified websites
  • Portfolio websites
  • Review websites

When creating specialty websites like those mentioned above, there are times when the purchase of an existing theme makes more sense than building a new one from scratch. There is simply no point in recreating the infrastructure that has already been painstakingly been created.

If this is the case, our design team will present it suggestions along with sample templates to choose from. Of course the template site will be customized in every way, and the end result will mirror a complete custom project.

Web design for landing pages

WebFour can create landing pages from scratch, or from available templates. We offer a complete turn-key service that includes server and host support, copy writing, and web design. We also include consultation as part of the base service.

Our landing page service gives web owners new options. Our service can substitute the permanent home page with a temporary version. This is ideal for promoting a sale or special event.

The cost of creating the temporary home page is far less than the cost of typical development. The turnaround time is measured in hours rather than days or weeks.

The same cost and time savings are true for interior landing pages.

Our landing page design is fully mobile responsive, and is Adwords compliant. A/B testing is available, as is integration with all the major email carriers like Mailchimp.

Web design for personal websites:

We offer a full self-branding service, beginning with the creation of a personal web site. We integrate social media into the design, and advise on content and visibility strategies. Our service is flexible, and can increase, or decrease, as needed.

Here are the key reasons to consider a personal website:

  • A Website greatly increases the chances you will be found.It is the single best way to become more visible on Google and other search engines.
  • First impressions:Google tells us that 80% will research someone online in advance of their first meeting. The number goes to 95% for employers researching potential candidates. A professionally created website gives a strong impression, and a leg up on the other candidates.
  • A Personal website is an insurance policy: Negative information – even when completely untrue – gets exactly the same treatment as any other information. The only way to combat damaging information is by diluting it with abundant new material published on a personal website.


WebFour offers customization of pre-designed templates, and for web builder services like Wix and Squarespace. We work closely with the site owner, and often just help at the start of the project. We also provide training, and continue support and consultation.

  • Web design and modifications to the home page
  • Assistance with page structure and menu architecture
  • Photoshop and Illustrator help, including sourcing, and modifying images and art work.
  • Web design for Forms integration; customization and creation
  • Addition of marketing prompts and calls-to-action
  • Help integrate ecommerce including product page design and modifications
  • Help establish basic web design elements like a color palette
  • Content creation and headline writing to include keyword optimization
  • Marketing strategies and application
  • Web design training


Web site marketing is not simply an add-on service at WebFour. Our team members have worked on numerous campaigns for one-person business and major corporations. Here are some of our areas of marketing expertise:

  • Keyword based search engine marketing, including keyword analysis
  • Content marketing – with broad knowledge of best practices
  • On-site marketing that includes complete technical optimization
  • Local search marketing that includes citation building
  • Google Places marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Internet publicity and promotion
  • Adwords account setup and consultation

On-page marketing

Most discussions about web design and marketing pertain to off-site marketing, like SEO or social marketing, but that misses a key area. Once you have managed to get a prospect to visit your site, its’ critical to provide prompts, and clear instructions on how to proceed.

Adding marketing prompts like calls-to-action is not difficult, but knowing in advance they are likely to be used, allows the web designer the create page templates that easily integrate the messages.


Most of our clients intend to manage their own site after it is built, but have no background in web design or web development. Generally, they have no interest in learning html, but they want to avoid the often clumsy web builders.

WebFour has a great solution. We offer extensive training on WordPress sites without needing to learn code. There is very little that cannot be accomplished with our system, and of course we are available for questions. The service is flexible, and can be used in small increments, or in large units.

What is WebFour’s turnaround for websites?

Next to pricing, this is the second most commonly asked questions, and unfortunately, the answer is essentially the same: it depends upon the project. That said, a website of average complexity, where the home page does not contain original art work or extensive design, is 3 – 4 weeks.

Important to note that the 3 – 4 is for a fully completed website. It’s not uncommon for our clients to start using their website after a week. It will be missing important elements, but the critical areas like navigation, contact forms, About Us pages, and so on, are in place.

WebFour also offers a rush service – when it’s available, and appropriated for the project. Web design is still done by humans – and it is a creative process. There are times when that process just cannot be rushed.

If you are looking for a Los Angeles web design service, consider WEBFOUR. With a track record of proven service, great prices and a complete guarantee of satisfaction, we are a terrific option. Please contact us for an estimate.

Frequently asked questions:

What are your prices for WordPress web development?

We wish that it was possible to give this information on our website, but because every situation is different, we simply cannot. We have been told numerous times that our charges are lower than similar web design services in the Los Angeles area – and that is our goal.

We provide very quick quotes for almost every project, and our pricing usually contains suggestions that can lower the eventual price. If you are thinking of having a website designed, please contact us.

Does WebFour guarantee their service?

Yes we do, and this is how it works: projects are divided into several phases, depending upon the complexity of the work required. However, every project contains a planning phase, and a first proof phase. The first proof phase is normally a comp of the home page design.

If a client is not satisfied with the plan we have created – we will refund any money paid. If the client is not satisfied with the comp we have created, we will make revisions. If our work is still not satisfactory, we will refund all money paid. Past this point, we do not offer refunds, but we will make changes until the client is completely satisfied.

Does Webfour offer marketing services?

Yes we do. These include on page SEO, keyword analysis, content development, local search marketing, and more. we also offer a complete suite of internet publicity services.

Does WebFour offer hosting services?

Yes we do. WebFour maintains a VPS hosting account with Bluehost. There are many advantages with VPS hosting that include dependability and page loading speed. Our hosting service includes email support, setup and maintenance.

What geographic areas do you serve? Since we are located in Los Angeles, many of our clients are in the greater Los Angeles area, but we also work with clients in various parts of the US

What are your hours? Our schedule varies from designer to designer, but customer service is available every day from 9 am to 6 pm – and after hours via email or message.
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