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Whether your business is large or small, you can use the free tools in Google Analytics to discover the social interaction of your audience on your blogs, website and social platforms. This service offers reports that tell you the frequency that users share your content with tweets, Facebook Likes, LinkedIn shares and Google +1s. The Google metric also reports where your users are coming from.

Who Uses Google Analytics

When it comes to digital analytics, everyone who operates a business should take advantage of the digital solutions Google offers. The following are some of the business professionals who use Analytics.

CEOs and Business Owners – If you’re a business owner or executive, you can learn which social media marketing strategies are the most effective, so you can tweak them for better performance. You also gain crucial data about your website’s traffic patterns and trends. Getting to know your customer is a key ingredient in social media and the analytic’s report lets you know which customer segments are sharing your information.

Marketing Specialists – Learning where your audience comes from and how they interact on your sites helps marketers convert users into customers. You can also see which keywords lead to the most prospects from your website, blogs, press releases and social networking posts.

Content Writers – Analytics provides useful information on which content pages hold readers the longest and where they leave your site. You can also learn the keywords people use to find your content sites.

Learn How Many People Visit Your Site with the Audience Screen

When you check out the Audience Screen, you get a snapshot of visitor metrics. A line graph shows you the monthly visitors to your sites. In addition, a pie chart features the data of new visitors versus return visitors. This screen also displays your page views, the average of pages looked at for each visit, how long the audience stayed on your site and the percentage of new visitors.

The purpose of the Audience Screen is to give you an idea of your visitors’ location, interests, demographics and language. It also provides insight of whether your audience used a computer, Smartphone or tablet to view your blog or website. You can also see the behavior of users and which engage in interactions by posting, commenting or conversing.

Find Out How Visitors Find You with the Acquisition Screen

The Acquisition screen lets you know how visitors found your site, for instance if they used a search engine, a referral from another website or found you on social networking sites. This screen offers valuable information about the social platform that brings you the largest audience.

Improve Your Content by Analyzing the Behavior Report

The Behavior Report page is an invaluable tool for content marketing campaigns. This section features reports that help you gear your content to the needs and interests of your users. By checking the high bounce rates, you can determine which pages you should rewrite to offer valuable and entertaining content to meet the customer expectations.

Tracking Goal Conversions

Once you define your goals, you can track Goal conversions, which measure the success of your site for your business objectives. You can see how often a visitor completes a task on your site, such as signing up for newsletters or purchasing a product from your Ecommerce site.


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