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If you’ve been thinking about designing your own website, the topic of web design builders should be familiar. Builders for WordPress websites have become more popular in the past few years, largely because they can produce a very good website.

Website design builders are used by amateur designers as well as professional web designers. The builders are deep, and feature rich. The ability to use them to their full extent comes with knowledge and experience.

Designing your own website is an economical and realistic option for many. With a little time to spend learning the ins and outs, and basic needs, it can be a solid choice. Here are  some of the pros and cons regarding the decision to create your own website using a builder.

The case in favor of using a website builder:

Most popular website builders are associated with a company that provides hosting and technical support for their user base. This is very helpful, and something you will not find elsewhere.

Some of the companies offer web design training modules. Frequently there is an extensive FAQ section. A few offer live support. Once again, having access to ready support is a tremendous benefit.

Another benefit is the availability of pre-designed templates. The days of roughly formatted, unattractive themes and templates is long gone. Many of the web design templates were created by professional web designers, and it shows.

In some cases the templates include images. This can be a double edged sword. You are quite likely to see an image that’s perfect for you site in a competitors. However, , that’s not all the likely to happen, and worth the risk. Purchasing images can be very expensive.

Some of the companies who offer website builders provide web development support. This is different than web design support. Web development tackles infrastructure issues, like e-commerce. They provide the user with development options that might be too costly otherwise. Developers can also help any website design mistakes that occur.

If a website builder is a consideration, chances are a WordPress site is as well. For many, choosing between the two can be a tough call. Designing or developing a WordPress site is not as simple as doing so with a builder. On the other hand, WordPress offers many options unavailable on a website builder.

Another consideration in make this choice is flexibility. Websites often begin one way and change radically. With WordPress, making major changes is easy. Web builders tend to be less so.

If this problem comes up, there are solutions. Many web design companies, like WEBFOUR, offer web builder customization services.

Here are some of the ways a customization service can assist:

  • Web page design for just specified pages
  • Modify and customize home page
  • Help with page structure and menu architecture
  • Find images and develop video
  • Plugin customization
  • Develop or modify forms
  • Develop and implement design concepts new to the theme you’ve chosen
  • Assist with e-commerce integration

The point is that if you believe a do-it-yourself web builder would a good solution, but are reluctant to go it completely alone, you have options.  Look around for a web designer who can consult, train, and help if you get stuck.

The case against using a website builder:

As we found, website and web design builders offer many benefits. However, as good as they may be, a human still has to do the work. This point is often ignored. Web design is a complex process. Creating a successful website design takes experience. The actual building of the site is only one part of the process. Creating, and making judgments about artwork is every bit as important.

A web designer knows how to skillfully use Photoshop and other graphic arts programs. He or she understand how spacial choices influence design. These, and other artwork specific issues determine the visual appeal of the website. The difference between a great website and a messy one is often the way artwork is prepared.

This bring us to the next point against using a web design builder – learning time. To create a website takes a lot of time. To do so, and learn, takes an enormous amount of time. If your intent is to create multiple websites, it may be worth investing the time required. Otherwise. probably not.

Another issue is ability. The website builder companies imply that any motivated person can learn to build a website using their building software. The evidence says something quite different.

At WEBFOUR, we have worked with many clients who simply could not master the skills required. These were people with talents in other areas. They did not have the combination of spacial and art skills necessary to produce a high quality website.


The decision to use a website builder comes down to time and talent. If you have both, it may be the best decision you can make. If you lack one or the other, it may be a nightmare.

The prudent approach is to give a try. Give yourself ample time to learn  – without the pressure of having to perform. If you under the gun, perhaps it would be best to work with a professional web designer.

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